Reaching the New 2020s Customer – jSinger Marketing Rebrand Pt. 3

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Business owners know today’s customers are vastly different from a few years ago. The culture changed. The business world is now driven by a younger audience with higher expectations than ever.

In the age of Amazon, customers expect excellence at a low cost. Your business needs to respond to survive. How can you adjust your business to reach the customer of the 2020s? First, seek to understand this new customer.

The 2020s Customer Profile:

1. Customers want relationships, but don’t want to talk

Texting and direct messaging are popular and acceptable. Price and results are more important than loyalty. Customers want to know you are there for them, but rarely want to hold meetings or strategize together. And understandably, they are tired of words and noise.

2. Customers want data, but don’t act on it.

I found that my clients like to know metrics support their marketing, but rarely read reports. In the 2020s, information is plentiful, it’s what we do with that information that matters. Customers trust us with that insight, and less frequently care to discuss it.

3. Customers want fast service

Immediate response is expected. If an email, chat or call comes in, you need to respond in real-time. If you don’t, you will lose the customer.

4. Customers want easy service

Clients’ time is extremely tight today. Your job is to make their life easier.

5. Customers want simple service

If your product or service requires explaining and educating your customer, you will lose. Think the $1 menu at fast food drive-thrus.

6. Customers want quality service

People want action, not words. They expect Amazon-level quality at Wal-Mart prices. As business owners know, this is nearly impossible for a small business. But we have to do everything possible, tailoring our business model to make it happen.

7. Customers want everything to be beautiful

As covered in my previous post “Image Is Everything to Your Customers,” to be taken seriously, you need to take your image seriously. The 2020s customer won’t even consider you if your website or logo is dated.

How You Can Reach 2020s Customers

The answer is easy: Ensure your business addresses the seven profile traits above. Below is a good example, as I explain how jSinger Marketing recently made changes to reach today’s culture.

How jSinger Marketing is reaching 2020s Customers

In the past, jSinger Marketing customized almost every digital marketing plan for each client. Now, by changing to a packaged pricing model, we accomplish all seven of these customer needs.

The packages are built on strategies that work, meaning we have quality built in, and it will show in positive web traffic (data). Streamlining our work makes it fast, easy and simple.

The image is everything model is built in, because our website, social media and ad designs are done by professionals who prioritize graphic design.

In the end, the customer relationship benefits, because there is less spending time in the weeds on details. Instead, time is spent performing marketing work that will get real results. After all, the goal for my clients is new business.

Start reaching 2020s Customers with Digital Marketing

If you have delayed digital marketing because you are too busy, we’ve now made it easier than ever. Simply check out our digital marketing packages or contact us to get started. We can get you rolling right away.