Ranking a New Website No. 1 in just 3 months

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The Client:

Dean Patrick, a holistic doctor/chiropractor in Elgin, Illinois, specializing in Functional and Integrated Medicine.

The Story:

Dr. Patrick started with a brand new practice. So first we built his website. Then, we started his Search Engine Optimization program so he could get new patients FINDING the website. Elgin is large, over 100,000 so to rank well in Google is not easy. How can he possibly beat competitors who have been around for 20 years and rank at the top of Google search results? That was the challenge. Our answer was by being smarter. Chiropractors are very common and highly competitive. There’s no way our client would rank on Page 1 for “Elgin Chiropractor” without plenty of time and several thousands in budget per month. So we guided our client to specific specialties. What conditions do you want to treat? Which are most profitable?

The Result:

The result is that after just three months of work with us, the client ranked on Page 1 in Google and Yahoo for 23 of 24 desired keywords. 16 of those were at No. 1 – top of the page! The client has already brought in new patients for the exact specialties he sought. This gives him a net gain in marketing budget – marketing costs nothing if it works properly. Now, together the client and jSinger will expand and think bigger. We can challenge larger competition because we have credibility with Google and have a proven return on investment.

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