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A leading Streamwood SEO company since 2007, jSinger Marketing energizes your company’s sales lead generation by optimizing for top Google search engine rankings.

Top search engine rankings on Google are highly sought-after. It requires expert SEO companies to keep up with optimization requirements and best practices. Depending on your industry and target region of Streamwood and the surrounding areas, we often can immediately tell you your chance of success. We look at keyword research data, we review your on-site and off-site optimization, and we search for your company’s current web presence as part of our comprehensive SEO audit.

We understand that Google rankings and SEO Services in Streamwood are only important if they lead to sales for your business. When they do, SEO is always the best ROI for your marketing dollar compared to other digital marketing and traditional marketing channels. Ranking near the top of a search is how customers find and trust you in today’s world.

Why Choose jSinger Marketing to be your Streamwood SEO Company?

We’ve found there are two types of SEO companies in Streamwood and everywhere:

  1. High-cost SEO agency
  2. Inexperienced one-man businesses

High cost agencies unfortunately hire a revolving door of low-loyalty, low-pay college graduates to manage your account. They aren’t invested; they don’t care. In contrast, at jSinger Marketing, we have served some of the same clients for 10 years, because our success hinges upon the client’s success. If we offer poor service or poor results, we know clients will leave.

We also see companies opt for the cheap SEO services, i.e. “My nephew does SEO, and he’ll do our site for free.” Without fail, a few months later we hear the nephew doesn’t have time, or got a full-time job and left the client in a lurch. We welcome in these clients, we don’t blame them for trying. We’re here to rescue and help them succeed.

We believe we have created a third category – both an expert and affordable Streamwood SEO company.

You need a Streamwood SEO company that keeps up on Google’s best practices. Google shares hundreds of tips for website owners to rank well, and calculates thousands of signals in its algorithm that ranks websites. No Streamwood SEO expert knows the full formula, because that is Google’s “secret sauce.” If people knew how to “game” the system, Google would offer low-quality search results and be out of business. So, expert SEO agencies learn from experience – trial and error. When you’ve optimized hundreds of websites as jSinger Marketing has,  you simply SEE what works and what doesn’t. And right now, we have many clients ranking on Page 1 on Google for their desired keyword search results – some going on 10 years.

Case Study: Ranking A New Website No. 1 In Just 3 Months

You Need a Custom Search Engine Optimization Campaign

You cannot “sign up” for SEO services with a national, faceless company that you haven’t met before. Why? Because they use canned, pre-set campaigns like they do with all your competition. If you are a dentist in a high-income Streamwood suburb, you have a different audience than a downtown Streamwood dentist. One has a 10-mile radius, several cities to target, and is marketing mostly to mothers, who studies show make medical decisions for the families. The other may have a skyrise apartment target audience, and simply needs to dominate that single location. Plus, each dentist has different focuses, and a generic SEO company doesn’t care. We do. We need you to rank well in Google and have a successful SEO program.

We’ll do the SEO for you!

Once we learn your target audience and specialties, we run SEO campaigns with respect to your time. We know you are busy and don’t need every detail. We provide monthly reports with traffic and SEO data, along with our insights and updates. If you’re a hands-on client, we love talking through it with you each month. But as an experienced Streamwood SEO company, we are happy to work independently, as we have all the resources in-house, including the below components of a solid SEO team:

  • Copywriters – Our team writes web pages, blog posts and other content for you each month. We have professionally published, well-researched writers on our team. Some of our clients review the material, others give us the green light to simply write and post. We know that Google rewards frequent content and quantity of content. Without content, you cannot succeed with SEO.
  • Search Engine Optimization Experts – Our copy is then filtered through our SEO experts, who ensure our 7-point checklist is followed on every piece of content written. The SEO specialist also runs your initial audit and reviews your overall web presence on a regular basis. Best of all, this is the person who will be your contact. That is in contrast to a larger Streamwood SEO agency where the “account executive” talks to you each month, but has no knowledge of the actual practice of SEO.
  • Graphic Designers and Website Designers – Our SEO work brings people to your website, but once there, we need a beautiful, mobile-friendly web page to entice them to ACT. Your website may already be sufficient, but if not, we have a team of professional graphic designers and website designers who can create a graphic, contact form, call to action or even an entire website to ensure you capture every lead possible.
  • Web Developers – If your website is outdated or unclear for users, we can do a separate, one-time web site design and development project.

Local SEO in Streamwood – Page 1 Google Rankings

Streamwood businesses have a lot of competition, and need to be smarter than competitors to rank well on Google. Our team excels at finding the “gap” where your competitors are missing. If you are a senior services business, we will find strategic, highly searched keywords that you can compete for. We will focus on your speciality and bring in the right customer. It may be best to target specific geo-locations and not only the keyword of Streamwood. We also will secure and watch over your Google My Business (Google Maps) listing.

We Don’t Forget Mobile SEO Optimization

Our clients are seeing about 50% of their visits come from mobile phones. This is up from 30% a few years ago. You cannot forget mobile. Google’s SEO rankings and presentation can vary on phones. Plus, your users are “on the move” when on a phone, and can have different search habits. We consider this from the start, and we carefully watch data and inform you as habits change.

In addition to being a Streamwood SEO company, jSinger Marketing has built hundreds of mobile-friendly (responsive) websites. So if your website is not easily read and “actionable” on a phone, we can convert it for you.

Case Study: Website For White Sox Tim Anderson

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