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If you just searched for a Niles Google Ads agency, you already know that managing a Google advertising account is an art form. If set up and run properly, it can instantly bring paying customers for your business. But if run poorly, you’ll learn quickly “How You’ve Helped Google Make Its Billions” by wastefully displaying ads to anyone and everyone around.

There are more options today than ever when setting up a Google Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. It requires an experienced Niles Google Ads company to understand not only the Niles customer, but the many “goals” Google offers (Do you want clicks, conversions, cost per conversion, and on and on.) Though we work with Google directly on our client accounts, we continuously have to act boldly on our clients’ behalf because blindly following Google’s recommendations is a huge waste of money.

Many of our clients initially tried to manage their Google Ad account on their own, and saw very poor results. We even wrote a blog post about it, “I Tried Google AdWords And It Didn’t Work.” So the best option is to work with a Niles Google AdWords company like jSinger Marketing. We can find incorrect settings and missing pieces that turn your PPC campaign around and bring an impressive ROI.

Partner with jSinger Marketing as your Niles Google Ads Agency

When you hire jSinger Marketing as your Niles PPC agency, you’ll get monthly reports with an easy-to-understand summary of insights. We know you don’t have the time to analyze numbers on your own. That is our job, our service to you. Each month we show you the number of times your ads were triggered (impressions), clicks to your website, cost per click, and how you fared against your competition. There’s plenty of data if you need a deeper dive. Our goal is to lower your cost per click each month, so that you get more sales leads with each passing day.

How We Manage Your PPC campaigns

Pay Per Click advertising can be unpredictable and expensive, ranging from $0.25 to $20 per click (and sometimes higher). Our Niles PPC management services have been used by nearly 100 clients whose budgets range from $100-$35,000 per month. That’s a huge range, one that makes it worthwhile to some businesses, and rules out others. Our initial call with you will discuss your target region, audience and competition. We can quickly assess if search engine marketing is right for your situation. For example, if you are selling iPhones nationwide, we can tell you immediately that competition is fierce, and you’ll need a large budget. If you are a local doctor with a very unique specialty, we can share happy nuews that you’ll have success almost immediately.

In all scenarios, we do intense keywords research to find keywords that your competitors are forgetting about. This keeps costs down and allows your Google ad to show on Page 1 of search results.

If you’ve tried AdWords before, we will also review your old data. We’ll figure out what worked, what didn’t, and what gaps there were. We typically then set up a brand new Google Ads campaign so it starts fresh. Using our experience as a Niles Google Ads agency, we even recommend a sufficient budget – what it will take to get sales. We strive to be the best Niles PPC agency by developing a personal, custom relationship with each client.

What a Full-Service Niles Google Ads Company Looks Like

We have been a Google advertising company since 2007. We not only understand pay per click advertising, but that the end goal is growing your sales funnel. We expect business owners and marketing directors to be working on other marketing and advertising channels in addition to Google Ads. So we are happy to work on our own, with monthly reports and meetings. Google ads are likely just one part of a broader marketing plan, so we have a team that can support you:

  • Copywriters – Our team writes your ads based on your current marketing materials, or new strategies you want to employ. We know the specs of Google Ads: Character count, extensions, site links, and more. We try new ads on a continuous basis, using A/B testing to see what works best. And of course, you may review ads before your audience views them.
  • Niles Google Ads Experts – Google Ads offers new features all the time. We have become Niles PPC experts because we keep up with those latest options to make the most out of your Google advertising budget. Our Google Ads management process will advise you on new keywords or strategies that might work for you.
  • Graphic Designers and Website Designers – If you run Google Display ads (banner ads) we have a team that can create beautiful and effective ads that stay true to your brand.
  • Web Developers – Your PPC ads will bring people to your website in large numbers. For that reason, you have to make sure your website or landing page is set to create conversions. Visits alone don’t help you – we need to create customers. jSinger Marketing is not only a Niles Google Ads Agency, but we have web developers who can work on your website to make sure it is mobile-friendly and clearly guides visitors to take action.

Behind the Scenes: Google Ad Demographics

Google ads have changed. They are more targeted than ever, and your Niles PPC company must keep up. For example, if you are a gymnastics club, you can target criteria such as:

  1. Mothers
  2. Ages 25-50
  3. Living in 5 local zip codes
  4. People “in market” to buy in regards to gymnastics
  5. Have visited your website in the past 30 days

You couldn’t do this several years ago. Think of the success rate here. If you show your ad to this group five times in a month, it’s a more effective advertising outlet than has ever been available to you in history. We firmly believe in both Google search ads and Google display ads to grow your sales. (Display ads include remarketing ads or retargeting ads).

Grow Your Business with Pay Per Click Advertising in Niles

There’s no doubt that you’ll increase sales with the help of Niles PPC management experts. It’s too costly to mess around. You need a great campaign from the start. With the complexities and opportunities of Google Ads, we believe it takes a top Niles Google Ads agency to lead you to success.

If you’re looking for personal Niles PPC services, call jSinger Marketing at 815-219-5567 or email us today.


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