Google Advertising Tip: How You’ve Helped Google Make its Billions

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If you’ve run your own Google AdWords Search ad campaign, without an experienced professional, you’ve most likely handed Google your money and had no results. (See our blog post, “I Tried Google AdWords And It Didn’t Work“).

Why? Because the default set-up for Google search ads is called Broad Match. This sounds boring – and that’s why you didn’t look deeper. “Broad Match” means anything CLOSE to your keyword search will trigger your ad and in the end, quickly suck up your budget.

For example, if you ran an ad for “Plumber Barrington, IL” your ad will also trigger for “Plumbing Company Jobs” or “How to do Plumbing myself.” Anyone who clicks your ad will be a wasted lead.

I recently reviewed an account with about 80% spent on bad leads. This is very common. Google reps want you to succeed, but also want a lot of paid clicks. So their help isn’t the best. If you have a limited budget, be sure to study up, or bring in outside help.