Could you use a 25% boost in new patient leads?

When we speak with dentists in the Chicago area,
we hear one thing over and over again: “We want new patients.”



At jSinger, we have a track record of bringing in new patients at a 25% rate. And better, we can show you exactly who these new patient leads are – by name!

We also hear frustration with marketing companies who promise top Google rankings and other goals, but don’t provide timely and clear updates. They lack accountability, and lead you to search for a new provider.

At jSinger, we provide you with monthly reports and an easy-to-understand summary of them. We know you don’t have the time to analyze numbers on your own. That is our job, our service to you.

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Get a return on your investment
more leads, more patients

Getting value from the numbers

summarizing the data for you

You may also have worked with an agency in the past that is national or “large” agency. They set you up with a cookie-cutter website and marketing plan. Yet they don’t know the difference between the North Shore and Rockford.

At jSinger, we live and work in the Chicagoland area, and we know how to hit your audience. We know customizing and focusing your marketing is the key to bringing in new patients.

Where to begin

We realize it’s easy to be overwhelmed by trying to keep up with all your digital marketing efforts. At jSinger, our job is to keep up with trends and understand the growing digital marketing landscape.

When you work with jSinger, you get a customized marketing plan using these methods and more. You can rest easy, knowing you have a partner who keeps up on trends and takes your marketing success seriously.

Let jSinger serve as your marketing department. We will increase your business, shift strategy when necessary, and always keep you informed.


We’ve found no substitute for an in-person meeting with you and your team. jSinger is serious about digital marketing, let us customize a marketing strategy for you.

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