The Problem with Dental Marketing Companies

Over the weekend, I visited the Chicago Dental Society’s 150th Annual Meeting at McCormick Place in Chicago. I was there looking for new and better marketing ideas, as several digital marketing vendors were there to promote to dentists.

Here’s the problem: They don’t cater to you.

They don’t know where your practice is located, what kind of competition you face, or your reputation in the area.

Imagine this: A marketing company from California works with two dentists from the Chicago area. One is located in an urban high-rise, the other in a affluent suburban area. The marketing company puts them both on the same plan for SEO, social media and reputation management.

How well do you think this will work?

In my opinion, neither dentist will get a good return on investment.

The urban dentist will undoubtedly be paying for search ads and keywords that are outside of his area. In Chicago, one square mile can be close to a million patients.

And the suburban dentist may be paying for advertising and marketing bringing in the wrong lifestyle.

For example, how do you know if 10 Yelp reviews are a lot or a little? Ten could be the most of your competitors, or the least – it all depends on your location and competition.

How can you combat this problem? Where you can you turn? You want a trusted digital marketing company, and most of those are big names that won’t do a custom package just for you. You need a well-thought-out plan and guidance on how to stand out from all the other dentists in your area.

One option is calling on jSinger Marketing. We offer customized marketing based on an interview we do with you. If you are in a competitive urban area, we may recommend upping your Facebook activity. If you are in a suburb or the country, we may recommend a serious SEO campaign that can pay dividends for years.

So think twice before you hire a marketing firm. Are they going to treat you the same as every other client? Or will they take time to understand how to best help you?