How Dentists Stand Out Online

“Every strip mall has cleaners, a salon, and a dentist.”

This was a true, reflective quote during a recent strategy meeting with a dental client of ours.

How can you stand out among all the dentists in your area?

For city practices, this can mean facing dozens of other practices in a square block. Even in the suburbs, competition is just around the corner.

Here are three dental marketing tips to stand out and bring in new patients:

1. Offer your best bedside manner

This goes without saying, and it’s the one thing your web marketing company cannot do for you. Treat your patients nicely. They will return, tell their friends, and review you on Google and Yelp. An extra minute, a smile, a conversation where you remember their children’s names. It all counts.

2. Pick a target audience

If you target everyone, you resonate with no one. Decide if you want to be the “family dentist” the “implant guy” or the guy for senior citizens. If you focus, you will get results. You can do ads on Google and Facebook. You can show the right pictures on your website. You can find the right wording in your marketing materials. Otherwise, you will blend in – and you won’t get calls.

3. Don’t be afraid of marketing

Sometimes you just need to go for it. Sitting and waiting for the perfect plan, the perfect marketing partner, the perfect website is a recipe for disaster. You will wait forever and get no results in the meantime. Your best bet is to find a marketing company – specifically a digital marketing company – that can lead you through the process and ask questions such as we pose here. Once you have that, don’t be afraid. Commit a year and an on-the-ball staff member to work with the marketing company to give it a true chance to work.

Once you make a commitment in these three areas, you are bound to see a return on your investment.  At jSinger, we’ve seen it time and time again, with a typical 25% increase in new patients.