Why So Many Web Guys Stink

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I’ve been asked more than once why “web guys” are so slow to respond to their clients. I’ve been a web guy for about 20 years overall. While far from perfect, I’ve become someone clients indeed can count on, and it’s resulted in a successful jSinger Marketing business the past 11 years.

So what’s the problem with so many in my field?

Web guys are introverted specialists

Most web guys originally became skilled at building websites. They enjoy being in front of a computer, and it’s is a very non-social job. Requests from clients become an interruption to their work. They are good at their craft, but not business. If your website is down, it doesn’t occur to them that it’s time to put everything else away and serve you right now. 

Web guys can’t see the big picture of your business

When you request an update to your website, your web guy doesn’t think to mention what else is needed on your website. He’s not proactive. He likes to do a task, bill for it, and move on. He is very project oriented and doesn’t consider the greater business value of what he’s doing.

For example, I am still shocked to learn that most web guys don’t also serve as marketing experts for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing and social media marketing. These areas overlap into your website on a daily basis. Every web guy should at least have a passing knowledge, and be connected to experts he can recommend for clients – even if he doesn’t want to do the work himself.

Web guys are overbooked

Though there are a ton of web guys, there are even more businesses that need them. There is a huge demand in the field, especially for web guys who are personable, and care enough to think about your business.

Web guys are like contractors

Each of these traits can be compared to blue-collar contractors. They are skilled and in demand. People rely on them, but contractors have a reputation of lack of punctuality, reliability, availability and sometimes even dishonesty. And they don’t think about the big picture.

An example is that I have had three electricians come to my house because there is some kind of wiring problem. Each has left our house fixing a small problem at hand, but didn’t offer a greater solution. Today, my electrical problem still persists. Now I’m looking for a fourth electrician.

It should be about people

I’ve learned that being a web guy is about people. Even if I’m asked to do a 30-minute website update for a new client (often because their current web guy doesn’t consider it important enough) I always appreciate and accept the work. The result is a new happy client that often turns into a bigger project down the road.