Email Marketing Tip: Why Email Marketing Works Better Than Ever

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Every client I know is getting phenomenal results from email marketing. Each delivery brings multiple business inquiries, which turn into meetings and projects. Why? Because people are phone addicts. They get an email alert, and feel compelled to deal with the email one way or another. Even if they delete it, they still saw who it’s from, the subject line and the preview text.

What is Email Marketing?

You are right now reading an example of email marketing. I send out this email with a story, examples and tips to help clients, prospects, and even friends and family. It’s a simply touch point to help people remember me.

How often should I send emails?

I often recommend monthly, but some companies can still benefit from quarterly emails.

When people receive your email, they’ve seen your name on a day they wouldn’t have otherwise. The name recognition pays off.

What should I say in my emails?

Give, give, give. Be interesting and helpful. If you just try to sell your services the response will be much weaker.

How do I start email marketing?

There are do-it-yourself tools out there, but I highly recommend taking your time to compile a thorough list of recipients first. I also recommend you ensure a professional design. A low-quality design will result in a low-quality opinion of your company. People judge by image now more than ever. Feel free to inquire with us. We can set you up and either maintain it, or hand it off to you.