The Dangers of Neglecting Your Website

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I get it – websites are a “must have” for businesses, and business owners don’t want to think about them after launch. It’s thought of like a print piece, it is built, and now is “complete.”

Unfortunately, websites live on ever-changing technology, and here are issues that have gone wrong in just the last year:

  1. Websites have been “hacked” (redirected to an advertising page).
  2. Website SSL security has been disabled, warning all visitors that the site is dangerous.
  3. Dozens of websites that were unwisely hosted all together on one server were turned off for days.
  4. Worst of all – business leads went to spam or were not delivering at all.

Fortunately I was able to rescue each of these scenarios with websites fixed and intact. While I am not immune to problems, not one of these was hosted or maintained by jSinger Marketing. We are too close with our clients – if we fail them, we could lose them.

For this reason, we proactively started rolling out website maintenance plans over the past year, especially for more complicated websites that can’t be easily restored.

Not only do we host and secure your website, but we TEST the site routinely to make sure all its features work properly.

For example, here is how we combat the problems above:

  1. We have security on all of our hosted sites that blocks and warns of potential hack attempts.
  2. We pay attention to and automate hosting, domain and SSL security renewals.
  3. We host our websites on separate “partitioned” server spaces.
  4. We routinely test our website forms.

Additionally, we do daily website back-ups so we can restore a website to a previous state in minutes.

Our cost is equal to or lower than GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Blue Host, HostGator or any other big name hosting company out there, starting at $30/month for the services listed above.

To be clear, there is always the possibility of a website problem, because technology keeps changing. Automated hacking/spamming tools are constantly trying to cause trouble, similar to identity thieves. Thankfully, for WordPress websites we host, the worst that can happen is a couple of hours’ downtime.

If you’re interested in letting jSinger Marketing host and maintain your website, call (815) 219-5567 or fill in our form here. We can do the entire, seamless transition in days. You’ll have peace of mind and likely save money as well.