Struggling with getting activity on your companies Facebook page?

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What if you’re doing about it all wrong?

Let me share a story about reinvigorating one of our clients Facebook pages.

It was last updated over a year ago. The parent company was coming down hard telling him to keep up. They gave me a call, saving themselves hours of training and research into something that’s not their specialty. Their a healthcare business, and their staff will be updating this page.

So, I updated my Facebook management documentation, customized it for them, and brought it in for a one-on-one training with their staff.

We spent about two hours reviewing best practices and how to make Facebook work for them.

By the time we finished, we had made one post that another organization shared with their 500 followers. We also walked the staffer through sharing it with her 66 friends.

All in all we had nearly 1000 pairs of eyes viewing this page, without spending a dollar and Facebook advertising.

None of this would’ve been able to happen without our direction and documentation.

Can you imagine the time wasted, if they would’ve attempted this on their own? Very few companies will pay for Facebook training (ha ha that’s a joke). In reality, the staffer would’ve spent six months banging her head against the wall, not getting any response from Facebook activity. She would possibly try new things without much pain, and have to sadly report the low in a reaction rate.

Instead, a few invested hours of our time, and she’s off to the races.

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Jason American doesn’t often recommend social media for every business. This business is a perfect fit though. They treat walk-in patients on a daily basis. They support local community groups and schools. It’s a perfect fit and we’re happy to recommend that they do it on their own. And, if they need help with additional photos or building up of their profile, we are here to help.