Social Media Tip: Stop Boosting Facebook Posts!

If you run a Facebook page, you get an option to “Boost Post” about every 2 seconds. Facebook makes it very easy to do this. They start at a $10 suggestion. It’s seems harmless, and, absolutely, you want more people to see your post.

Don’t fall for it!

Why not? Because you don’t want the message you share with your current followers to be the same you show to people who have never heard of you before.

Instead, you should build “ads” on Facebook, which allow you to introduce yourself to a new audience. The ads have specific words and images catered to the new audience.

Again, this seems simple. But Facebook’s Ad management interfaces are a huge mess. If you make it through, you still may have a hard time tracking effectiveness. Facebook’s reports require an Excel download and have way too much information to sift through.

If you want to save time messing with Facebook ads, give us a call. We’ll get you rolling quickly.

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