Website Tip: Respond to Your Website Leads Immediately

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Our job at jSinger Marketing is to get your phone ringing, and get sales leads to your inbox. Once that’s done, the ball is in your court. You have to respond to these leads immediately.

Customer Trust is Low

Think about how often you’ve filled in a website form and received no response. Your trust is probably low, like mine. I’m in the habit of calling as well to ensure I’m heard. This lack of trust means that if you respond quickly to customers, you immediately turn their distrust into a growing, solid business relationship.

If you answer your customers quickly, you’re half way to winning the job.

This summer I had a large tree crack in our yard, and I needed a “tree guy” to take care of it. I had to search online, and I found two ranking well on Google. I checked reviews briefly and reached out to both. One was on a job, but the call went to his cell, and he called me back in minutes. He showed care, and said he’d call back at 4 p.m. to quote me. He did so, and he won the job. I never heard from the other company.