Neglected Website Updates Loses Thousands for Company

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About a year ago we got a frantic call from a former client. They had moved away from our hosting, and their website was “hacked” – it said “Page Not Found” when visited.

We jumped in and rescued the website. In fact, we were able to rebuild it in full from our last back-up in about 7 days. This was something we did despite no longer serving the client. But unfortunately, it wasn’t fast enough to stop a daily $1,000 income loss for the client. Thankfully, most websites don’t sell products, so don’t directly lose money. But rebuilding a site is still a big problem and cost to avoid.

In January 2021, we emailed all 100+ clients whose websites we host, offering our maintenance plan. We update the software, plug-ins, and more every 3 months. We check that you receive all “Contact Us” form inquiries. We watch over your site. Best of all, we do a daily backup and can restore your website in minutes should anything happen. 

Essentially, for $720 a year, jSinger Marketing insures your website.

We hate sharing scary stories like the one above, but we need to warn our clients and all website owners reading this. Websites, like phones, computers, and all technology, need routine updates. And no, your hosting company or “web guy” doesn’t do this by default. 

Large hosting companies offer emergency back-ups for an additional cost, however, they won’t do website updates. So eventually, your site will require a full rebuild.

Since our offering in 2021, There’s no telling how many sites we’ve saved. We prevent hacking and spamming every day with our toolsets and attention. We offer our $720/year maintenance for all WordPress sites. If a problem occurs, if the site goes down, if it gets hacked by Russia, we will fix it, typically the same-day. We have clean, daily backups and a team ready to jump on it. 

Cost: $180/quarter

Contact jSinger Marketing to sign up for our Website Maintenance plan.