JSinger Marketing 10-year Anniversary Extreme Makeover

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To celebrate its 10th anniversary, jSinger Marketing has launched a new website, new logo and new brand.

The refresh wasn’t done just for fun, though. We are responding to new web design trends and a changing culture that looks at business relationships differently. In the next days, we will share stories behind today’s top design trends, and how to reach a younger, changing business culture.

Updated jSinger Marketing Logo

Old Logo:
New Logo:

We first created a new logo with a more modern feel, color scheme and visual communication of WHAT we do. This helps clarify in a quick glance what our company does.

Updated Website Design

The new jSingerMarketing.com features the new colors, new type treatments, and a bigger, bolder, full-screen website. It has fewer words, but many more pictures and examples of our work, like this page featuring our website designs.

Old Website:
New Website:

New Voice and Messaging

We also made a purposeful effort to shift our service offerings to more of a “product” model. So while we do the same work, we now offer clients a choice of three proven digital marketing packages. By choosing these ahead of time, it makes it easier for our customers, and we can guarantee results.

More is to come on the changing customer landscape and how it affects your business. A quick teaser: Customers are tired of thinking and talking. Time is tight. Mental health and clarity is at a premium. People want action, not words. We’ll share how your business can respond.