Is Your Website Losing You Business?

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After almost 30 years of the internet, we run across many websites that need a refresh to compete with new, hot competitors in the market. JSinger Marketing can do that for you. Image is everything nowadays. People will judge your company based on your website in about 5 seconds.

Maybe your website is advanced, though, and you have waited to redo it. Don’t worry. JSinger marketing is capable of doing custom work with a short turnaround. Our team gets it done, and fast. We compare our custom WordPress and integrated work to any big agency out there. Check out this website we did a few years ago for a non-profit organization. 

Case Study:

Water Mission is a non-profit organization providing safe, clean water to millions of people around the globe. One thing that this non-profit did to save time and valuable resources was to put its annual report on its website. This saved them thousands in printing costs. The JSinger Marketing team even developed it in a templated, reusable form, so next year’s annual report can be handled by the internal Water Mission team. 

Websites can do so much more than just inform and tell people a way to contact you. So if that’s all you are using your website for, maybe it’s time to take a closer look at what it could be doing for you: 

  • Make an Appointment / Online Scheduling
  • Incentive Sign up for Email Updates and Offers 
  • Annual Reports, Meeting Minutes, and Document Libraries
  • Selling Products 
  • Client Login and Payment Portal 

Do you have to do all those things? No. Do you want to do at least some of these things? Yes. It’s good for those search engine rankings (SEO). Our websites are high quality, and if you had someone’s brother’s uncle’s ex-girlfriend’s roommate create your website, and they still have control over it, you may want to re-think the strategy for your website. Remember, just because someone built you a website, doesn’t mean they did it strategically with your audience in mind.

Here are 4 questions to ask if your website developer is doing:

  1. Regular maintenance and updates on the back-end are needed. This keeps your site secure and ensures your website doesn’t get hacked or spammed.
  2. Writing regular blogs or keeping up with the news that you’d like on your website.
  3. Do they have a fast turnaround, or is it weeks before you hear from them about changing one minor thing on your website?
  4. Do their prices seem too good to be true? Maybe they are overpromising and under-delivering? 

We list our pricing on our website, so there’s no confusion. Your website should be a positive reflection of the quality of your business. If it’s not, contact us.