How to build up your business during the coronavirus lockdown

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The coronavirus no doubt has a huge impact on businesses in the United States. But as much as customers, revenue and sales might be suffering, I believe there is a hidden blessing in the “downtime” that some might be facing.

You should work ON your business during this time.

Business owners understand that to succeed you sometimes have to disengage from the daily work, and work on your business. The “Stay at Home” orders are a forced way to do this. Many people are saving time driving to and from work, and to and from meetings. For me personally, it’s added about two hours to each day. Take note, I titled this blog post building “up” your business, not building it. I’m not expecting business growth at this time. But you can lay a great foundation with some activities right now.

Here are some things my clients and I have been doing with this unexpected time off:

1. Start on that long-waited project

I’ve had at least three clients call me in the past weeks requesting quotes on projects that they’ve had in mind for years. These projects never saw the light of day because the “primary” business never let up. Among larger plans, I completed a smaller project where I recorded instructional videos for my clients who have WordPress websites.

2. Organize operations

The day-to-day work puts you in a “get it done” cycle. You need to work smarter, not harder. Documenting your process, updating files, working on procedures are all great ideas.

3. Update files

I’ve already gone through file folders, client dockets and more, cleaning out old, unnecessary clutter. Now time is saved moving forward focusing on what really matters.

4. Finalize your sales and marketing plan

Sales is another avenue that is often disorganized. Business owners follow up on leads that are “hot” but neglect to execute a strategic marketing plan. While this is likely the worst time to ask for sales, there’s no better time to organize and plan your sales strategy. By the time you make your plans, people will come out of their homes again, and your business will resume – hopefully at capacity. But think beyond that – you can do better. Business can resume AND you can have a marketing plan going full speed ahead. You can contact jSinger Marketing if you need assistance. An hour or two brainstorming can work wonders.