How to Boost Business for the Second Half of 2020

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We all know 2020 has been rough for business owners. While some of our clients had to temporarily shut down (retail, gyms, restaurants) almost all others lost significant business in the first half of 2020.

I’m writing today to tell you there’s hope.

In a meeting just the other day, I told a colleague how 90% of businesses still don’t know how to properly use digital marketing. Posting kind thoughts and funny quotes on Facebook is not a marketing strategy. You need a plan fit for your company, which I wrote about in “How Do I Get Sales Through My Website?” because you are not the same as Coca-Cola or even your closest competitors (see Should I Copy My Competitor’s Marketing And Website?).

You need to make a plan with an expert. Be proactive and run your plan for at least six months. It’s OK to be wrong. It’s not OK to do nothing.

Digital Marketing costs a fraction of TV, radio and print media. Some of it (i.e. social media) is free if you have expertise. But it’s vital to understand that when it is done correctly…

Digital Marketing is MORE effective than “traditional” media because your audience is staring at their phones 24/7.

Your name can be in ads on their social media feeds, apps, websites and emails that they are addicted to checking constantly. You can even choose specific regions (zip codes, cities) and demographics (married, mother ages 30-50), etc. And, you can measure the response – clicks on your ad, visits to your website, etc.

I believe if you launch digital marketing for the remainder of 2020 (or double down if you are already active), you can make up for the business lost during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Most people need a push to get started, someone to brainstorm with, and to answer questions. jSinger Marketing has been doing that for clients for almost 10 years. We can help make your plan, and execute it for you. If you have staff, jSinger can help you plan and train your staff to execute it. It’s not hard. It’s not time consuming. jSinger Marketing keeps it simple and successful. Take it from a client since 2011, Dave V., owner of an electronics company in Carol Stream, Illinois: “After implementing jSinger’s suggestion, we just wonder how much business we lost before we had it.” Call or text Jon Singer directly at 815-219-5567 so we can do the same for you!