How Email Marketing Can Increase Your Sales

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Sending emails to your customers and prospects is a great way to increase income and create customer loyalty.

But, many of our clients ask the same question right away,

“Don’t all those emails in your inbox seem a little spammy?”

The answer is yes, but from a business perspective, emails generate income at a level that beats all other digital marketing avenues.

Because of the spam concern, many of our clients and prospects have decided not to send emails. Yet we find the 95% of customers and prospects who don’t immediately complain or unsubscribe are actually happy to receive the emails. They become repeat customers and referral sources for our clients.

There is no question that the good outweighs the bad, ten-fold!

Who do I send emails to?

An email list may be a few hundred people, starting with a current list of customers. It also can be a large purchased list of prospects. These lists can grow by offering people a free product or download, in exchange for their email addresses.

Why do I want subscribers?

We understand you want sales and new customers most of all. But remember, people today don’t impulse buy many services or products. They first need to trust you. By emailing them (typically) monthly, you are reminding them – the future customer – that you are still here and you have your act together. You are still providing the product or service they were at one time interested in.

Won’t some people mark my email as spam?

Yes, some will unsubscribe or mark your email as spam. But if 3 people did that out of your list of 1,000 people, that’s less than 1%. The goal is to keep that under 3% – no matter how large your list is. JSinger Marketing understands the CAN-SPAM Act, so we use methods and tools that comply.

I’m too busy to send out emails. How can I possibly keep up?

As a business owner or marketing manager, you are busy, we get that. That’s why we are here – you can hand it off to us. Our team can write, design, and send emails for you, manage the subscribers and build the list. We can deliver them quarterly, monthly or even weekly. We love coming up with captivating content for even a “boring” product or service. Our open rates are typically in the 15-25% range across multiple client industries.

How soon can I expect my first sales from the email?

The first few emails are new to customers, and they have to learn to expect consistency from you. Typically after 90 days you’ll get sales results. Replies and inquiries come in after EVERY email we send to clients, even the first email.

Why are emails ideal?

Email is great for those who may not have the budget for “big media” marketing like radio or television – but still have an audience that loves your products or services. In every case, the percentage of repeat customers goes up. Larger companies can use email as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy to reinforce services or products.

Sounds great, how do I get started?

You’re probably already aware of Constant Contact or Hubspot. They have incredible marketing and they’ve probably sold you before. If you’ve used them, you quickly learned they are only tools. They don’t email for you. They don’t write or design emails for you. It all still falls on you. That’s why we invite you to contact us today for email marketing help. You can trust emails are consistently going out, watch your sales increase, and have peace of mind that everything is done well.