Google to Dock Rankings for Non-mobile Websites

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The pressure is heating up. Google announced that it is now altering its mobile search rankings to favor websites that have mobile designs, starting April 21.

This means that if your company doesn’t have a mobile website, you may sink in rankings when people are searching for you on their phone.

Google wants to promote mobile friendly sites so that users can read your copy easier, and avoid zooming, pinching and scrolling horizontally.

So, if you have put off a website redesign, the time is now to move forward.

It can bring your website a great new look, and solve the problem of mobile readiness.

There are a few options for mobile websites. Responsive designs are the most popular. These sense the screen size and reformat text and graphics to fit accordingly. Other, cheaper options work, too. At jSinger, we’ve also created mobile style sheets that show Google’s “mobile-friendly” notation, meaning they are ready for this change.

For several years, jSinger Marketing has been building responsive websites for our clients. We’ve also been telling clients with older websites to do the mobile upgrade. I believe Google’s announcement is the final straw. We are encouraging our clients to take care of this issue and risk losing traffic on mobile searches. The latest stats (March 2015) show that mobile searches make up 29% of the total. That varies by industry, but is growing across the board.

We understand that not every business can update their website in this short window. But it’s essential that you understand and adapt with the world around you.

If your customers like using phones, why not give them the best experience possible, making it easy for them to call or contact you to become a customer?