Don’t let the media fool you – business is booming

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Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic hit some companies hard, especially “B-to-C” like retail and dining. But, don’t let the media fool you. Some businesses are thriving, specifically those who had a digital route to perform and advertise their services.

Since August, jSinger Marketing been blessed to add four new monthly marketing clients, and four additional website builds. While that’s great news for jSinger Marketing, it’s also a great sign that other businesses are back on track and aggressively wanting to grow. They are investing in their marketing and advertising and expecting the economy to pick up where it left off. Website traffic in 2019 was exceptional for our clients, and the beginning of 2020 was off the charts.

September is always a hot time for jSinger Marketing. We get dozens of calls asking about Facebook ads, SEO and new websites. My theory is kids go back to school, summer vacations are over, and focus returns to business. Still, it’s super encouraging to see businesses move forward despite all the fear offered daily by the media.

Consumer Demand Is Still Hot

More good news is that people are still consuming and buying. Demand for most services is not going away. People still need food, cards, home repair. And, they still want a lot more – online purchasing, outdoor sports and hobbies (Biking, golf) have been through the roof as well.

Business Demands are Changing

Some businesses have taken awesome steps to improve their service in this time. How many restaurants now deliver? Why didn’t they before? My idea years ago was a Wal-Mart drive-thru – why not get a gallon of milk without having to fight through the store? That may someday happen.

Your Business Needs to Change with the Times

Every business can improve. Have you made changes to better cater to customers? I believe they will continue with different expectations post-Coronavirus. I don’t think restaurant delivery is going away. I don’t think washing hands is going away (I certainly hope not!). I think people will work more from home.

These things all mean there is new and different opportunities to market and advertise.

If people are on roads less, that means less radio and billboards will be heard and seen. People are online more.

That means more Web Banner Ads and Facebook ads will be seen. (See our blog: The Fastest, Cheapest Advertising For Your Company Today.)

Most every company needs a guiding hand to help transition to mobile and online advertising. Call jSinger Marketing at 815-219-5567 (or email here) for a complimentary call to talk about your business adapting to modern, online growth.