Do I need Reputation Management?

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Your business is impacted by online reviews, whether you know it or not. Especially in public-facing industries like restaurants, daycare and doctors, your customers will be interested in what others say about you.

Because of this, some web agencies offer “reputation management” to help you keep the overall message positive.

Most businesses wait until they have a negative review before acting. Many have told me the bad reviews come from people who weren’t even customers. Unfortunately, there’s almost no accountability for customers.

It’s always good to keep an eye on your online reviews, but there’s only so much you can do about it.

The best thing you can do is start getting more GOOD reviews, today. You’re in business because you have happy customers. Get them to post online primarily via Facebook, Google and Yelp.

When you do have negative reviews, it’s best to politely reply and attempt to make it right. But ultimately, the customers have the leverage. Do what you can, but don’t lose sleep at night because of a bad review or two.