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Are you struggling to find employees like everyone else? Maybe hanging a ‘Help Wanted’ sign in your window isn’t helping anymore. You are limiting yourself to people who happen to walk by and need a job. Instead, you need to go where the people are. Where is that? Staring at their phones!

So, why not turn to digital ads from jSinger Marketing to get applicants in the door? We’ve had success across multiple industries targeting the exact audience that is actively looking for a job.

Our success is because we know the psychology of your viewers. In fact, we help create the “funnel” by targeting a specific audience, and not just sharing it with everyone. Here are some of the things we consider:

  1. Geography: Some of our clients advertise as tight as a 5-mile radius around their location.
  2. Job Status: We can choose to show ads only to those actively seeking work.
  3. Messaging: We don’t beat around the bush, with vague promises and marketing lingo like “start a wonderful career today!” You might see that everywhere from McDonald’s job postings to Amazon job postings. Let’s be clear and to the point. See our examples below.
  4. Communication: You need to be open to receiving text applicants in today’s market. Again, see the examples below.
  5. Secret Sauce: Recruiting is an art and a science, and it’s not easy. We can’t share all of our behind-the-scenes insights as to what is working so well for our clients. We can tell you that it has been working immediately. Often, we only need to run ads for a few days, and their phone rings so much, we turn ads back off!

How Much Do Recruiting Ads Cost?

Be prepared to spend $500 to run one ad for about a week for a local company. After that, it’s a $250/week cost. Once we work with you, however, if you need to “turn on” or “turn off” an ad, we can help quickly, such as when you lose an employee.

Get Started With Recruiting Ads

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