Wenco SEO

The Client

Wenco manufactures and sells spade bolts and wire strippers.

The Story

Wenco used handwritten paper charts to look up its thousands of products. Every time they got a sales call, it took the team minutes to find the proper information. Wenco also ranked No. 1 on Google for the keyword of “spade bolt(s)”, which was a valuable source of website traffic and sales. jSinger undertook a tremendous effort, entering the data by hand into a custom-built online search feature. jSinger also did proper SEO tactics to ensure no loss of Google rankings.

The Result

Now, Wenco’s customers look up spade bolts on their own, based on their own specifications. They then can put in an order using the product number. Spade bolts are digitally drawn, diagramed and downloadable as PDFs. Wenco still ranks No. 1 on Google for its crucial pair of keywords.

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