Bike Tour Finder

The Client

Bike Tour Finder is a new business and website seeking to become a top resource for bike tours around the world.

The Story

Bike Tour Finder needed a website that allowed for thousands of bike tours listed by type, region and other criteria. It also needed to allow users to post tours and each tour to link to its tour company. The website also needed to be responsive for its many “on the go” users.

The Result

jSinger took careful time to plan with the client, learning the ins-and-outs of the sport, and choosing the best way to enter and display the immense content. The new website allows is responsive for mobile users, and displays all pertinent information. Bike Tour Finder is now selling advertising and increasing traffic each month.

Client Feedback

“We are pleased with Jon’s understanding of our vision (even though he wasn’t an expert in our industry), design work, and willingness to explore and implement new features we wanted for Bike Tour Finder.”

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